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Marhaban In My Village

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hye Guy's...We meet again here!!! Hehehe... Later, I have share to you about THE PHOTOGRAFER. And now, I would like to share about my some picture that I have taken from the MARHABAN KAMPUNG situation in the KAMPUNG PARIT HAJI ALI, my belove village. I take it on 3 Oktober 2008, the third day of Hari Raya... So, don't waste time, we see this picture...

Many villager was participate in this activity... It is so interesting.

Where am I? Hehehe...

Yummy...This is my belove younger brother... Yassin...

This is the 'captain' of the village house... So many villager were come to his house.

It is very nice experienced that I get... it is also one of the memory that is very interesting. I hope it can sustainable in the future.

Thank You,



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